Hi there and Welcome to O. Mends Beauty & Makeup Artistry online store! O. Mends Beauty is an inclusive brand which started as a passion and a desire to see improvement in my skin and haircare due to damages caused through poor skin and hair care choices. O. Mends Beauty serves as a line of 100% PURE SILK Satin carefully made into luxurious hair bonnets, pillowcases, scarves, durags, scrunchies, headband and hair ties to protect yours and your little one’s beautiful hair from split ends and damages. Our pillowcases were specifically made with care to aid in skincare and anti-aging needs to prevent acne, wrinkles and fine lines.

The O. Mends Beauty brand was curated to provide every woman, man and child with quality and affordability to lush beauty services, har care products, beauty knowledge and beauty products to meet their individual and respected needs.

Olive Incoom-Mends is a qualified makeup artist trained at the prestigious ICON School of Makeup in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of makeup artistry, makeup education, beauty products, skincare, customer service and haircare products and routines.

As an artist, she specializes in good skincare routines, beauty, bridal, formal, editorial and SFX makeup with the aim of creating an enjoyable and impressive experience for every client she meets and encounters while also striving to bring their ideas and visions to life.

As a mother, Olive’s kids especially her daughter has been the motivation and inspiration behind all of O. Mends Beauty haircare products including the hair oils, brushes, shampoos and conditioners. She hopes the quality of her products will create a lasting effect while giving you that healthy skin glow and healthy hair journey you and your princesses deserve.